My 20 month old niece likes to take her clothes off, as mobile babies like to do, and my mom is really bothered by it and is constantly like ‘she’s going to have to learn to stop that soon’ And it just pisses me off. Shes a fucking baby she can do what she wants. Its much more disturbing to see my very intelligent feminist mother act like this.

I hate when people call themselves a baby, like either just a baby or ‘fill in the blank’ baby (like cute, sassy, gross etc). It’s like, no, you’re not a baby, you’re a grown up woman. stop calling yourself a baby next to a selfie in which you’re posing in underwear. 
Noooo stop it gross. 

  #baby

Earthquakes and other natural disasters are scary because they represent something humans can’t control. All we can really do is prepare and hope for the best. 

I’m kinda freaked about an aftershock hitting right now at night. I know I shouldn’t be scared, I mean anything that could have fallen on my head has already fallen so I’m safe now, and it wasn’t really that bad in the first place. The earth quake wasn’t really horrible either- thankfully no one died. But the unpredictability is freaky, especially since we’re pretty sure there’ll be a large aftershock, just don’t know when.




fun things to do in front of nerdy boys

intentionally mix up zelda and link
mispronounce “anime”
refer to anime as “japanese kids cartoons”
pronounce pokemon as pokey-mon
respond to everything they say with “oh yeah my baby brother likes that!”

I am a nerdy boy and I assure you the only reactions you would get from this are crying or outbursts of rage

you act like your tears aren’t EXACTLY what i want


How do people start saying ‘fambam’? Like, do their parents/family encourage it? Do they hold ‘fambam reunions’? Or is it they see it on social media by other people and want to copy it? Why? Does it make them feel closer to their family? How does their family about being called a ‘fambam’? Would their parents even know what they’re are talking about? 

  #fambam